An editor – technically speaking – pushes buttons on a keyboard. Impressive right? We shift and cut, lift and extend, speed up, and perhaps, slow down. But I guess what I like most of these complex, sophisticated actions, is that I’m able to take something from nothing, and picture it as a puzzle. I dump all the pieces in front of me. Spread them out like we all used to as a kid. And think, “How can I put these pieces together in a way that not only makes sense – but creates contrast.” Let’s take these two pieces and break them apart, and then put it back together again where they may not belong. That’s when we get something special. That’s what makes this button-pushing, seemingly arduous job so incredible. Not only do you create, you invent, and discover new ways of telling a story.

Carlos Crooks | Editor

“There's no need to dress like everyone else. It's much more fun to create your own look.” - Twiggy


I also collaborated and helped start FAIL with my close friend Philipp Dietz. A film format featuring our friends’ and families’ most fatal failures. Philipp came to me with this concept and idea that he created, and I immedietly latched on. Failing is what makes us human. It’s one of the most important aspects of the human condition, and at the heart of it, is actually success.

We aren’t perfect. Are you? Cool, neither are we.
So we decided to celebrate it. And say, you know what?

If you haven’t FAILED:
You haven’t learned.
You haven’t changed.
You won’t succeed.
Enjoy that


We just embrace it, like this dude:

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